Say Goodbye to Wrinkles


OK, so maybe that’s a stretch. I just love seeing that title because it alludes to a one-size-fits-all solution. But think about it, if we all have the exact same skin type then it would be a one-size-fits-all world of wrinkle reducers.

But there are key things we put into our bodies that can create issues with our skin and give us an earlier start on wrinkles.

The first one I can say that will hugely affect your skin:

I smoked when I was a teen up to my mid twenties and I saw a huge difference in my skin when I quit smoking at 25. My skin was dehydrated and never really had a good colour. It was like it was depleted of the reds in my tone, giving it a dry a grey look.
About a month after I quit I noticed my skin getting it’s colour back. So, my top tip, if you smoke do what you can to quit because it’s sucking the life out if your skin.

Hydration, if you don’t drink a lot of water, start drinking more now! I have a water app on my android called ‘Drink Water’ and I log every time I drink anything in the app. When I have a consistent water intake over several weeks, I find my face is more refreshed. To really give your skin a boost try adding fresh lemon in it. Lemon is really good for purification of the skin and your gut. So you get two helpers in one item.

Regular washing, yes it has to be said because we all know about the nights you’re out late and feeling a bit of a buzz and think ‘nah, I’ll just wash my face when I wake up’ Don’t fall into that trap, it’s not good to leave your make-up on while sleeping. If you can, at least just rinse it off with water. I have oily skin and have always hated the heavy drape of oil I wake up with when I bypassed the bedtime face washing. So please remember to wash up before bed, your 50 year old self will thank you!

Avoid milk and greasy foods. I can’t tell you how much I had problems with spots when I ate tons of greasy foods and drank milk. It’s like I was feeling every pour in my face with the very stiff that was bad about these items. It seemed as though my skin was more oily then, when I drank milk and ate fast food. Now I am so glad I don’t do that anymore. So if you find this is you, try to skip a fast food stop and prep a healthy meal prior to going out. Milk can move slowly into water just go from whole milk to 2% and then skim and then done! You could give almond milk or rice milk a try as well. They have less additives.

OK so those are some general tips I have for boosting your ability to feed off wrinkles naturally. Remember, what we put in our bodies does have a lot to do with the results we see on our faces.
I hope you get some results with these tips and if you have more, drop a comment my way so we can all benefit.

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